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How to Make 3D Pencil Design Using CorelDraw?

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Make 3D pencil Design Using CorelDraw, in this tutorial i am going to show you how to design 3D pencil Design by CorelDraw. This design is for beginners. who know more about CorelDraw. This design a bit difficult. Ways which one new person who wants to start new from CorelDraw. Is hard to pass this level. By practice can be able to pass this level. This introduction which now i will show ways step by step.
 How to Make 3D pencil Design Using CorelDraw?

We know that this design is wonderful and attractive for us to deign such stuff tutorial about this design. This is perfect and  beautiful design. Pass task, made this design. we will become glad about passing beginner design. We can say. Nothing is impossible. Courage of  trying, hard working. We achieve thing. We want, follow us by instruction and methods.

1. Select the Circle and draw three circle like this picture. the distance should be the same to give better result.

3. Select middle one. Press Shift Button. Select first one. Click on Trim.

3. Last point+ second point. Click on Trim to bring changes in shape.

4. Select Bezier Tool. And draw one shape like this.  We should draw in this place.It is reason. We should draw two line there.

5. Select shape. Select first circle. Click on Trim to cut extra line from that place.

6. Select shape+ Second circle.  Click on Trim to delete extra line from circle. Delete shape.

7. It is time to give the color on shape. Select the Interactive Tool and design this Kind of color on shape, use the round design from top in left side.

8. You designed first circle. Click on second one. Go to Edit+ Copy properties form.

9. Clicking on copy properties this option will come. Tick Fill, click OK. There you will see one big option. By that click on first circle to copy the design in the second shape.


10. The shape will be like this copying the first design in second circle. Now select all shape and remove the outline by clicking on multiply option in top of color table. Select all shape. Click on Smart Fill. Edit design the same as picture. Go to next step.

11. Now select the first circle and go to Extrude Tool and make the shape as 3D, like this picture.

12. Now again select the first shape and go to Object+ Break Extrude Group Apart to make the shape separate from each other.

13. Passing previous level. This option will come. Click on UN group Object or CTRL+U. To UN group extrude place and shape.

14. Now select the second circle and apply the same introduction which we applied on the first circle.

15. Now click on second circle on that place where I already gave option. Go to Object+ Break Extrude Group Apart. Delete place. Where i shown you on line. Remove 3D, continue.

16. Now Click on option where I shown you or right click on shape and there select UN group Object to separate the shape from each other.

17. Now select the Bezier Tool and draw on shape the same as the picture where I draw. If you can’t draw well no matter we have one more option which is Shape Tool you can edit and made the same as pencil shape.

18. Now right click on shape go to Order+ Back of page to send the point of pencil in behind the shape.

19. Now select the Bezier Tool and draw in that place like this shape, in four place to make some beautiful design.

20. Draw one more shape, same as previous shape. Select shape which you draw place line of shape. Where you draw shape. Click on Weld to make design nice.


21. Draw shape Bezier tool. In two other side the same will be like this. We will go next step to make small point. Where we can write something.

22. Select circle draw one circle in that place. Select circle+ the wooden color shape+ Interest To cut one line from shape.

23. Select that place and fill the black color from color table. It will look like this picture.

24. In this place again select the Bezier Tool. Draw line like this picture.  Where I draw. Fill black color. It will be like this picture.

25. This is the result of our task which we want to make such design. Now give shadow in bottom of shape. Draw one circle select shadow tool. Right click on shape, break apart shape. Remove circle put shadow in that place.

26. It is final step. We passed the task. It is result of article we can make pencil design by CorelDraw program.



  1. 3d pencil design using coreldraw
  2. select the bezier tool
  3. right click on shape
  4. bezier tool and draw
  5. object break extrude group

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