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15 Best Antivirus Android Apps and Anti-malware Android Apps

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As you know, Android’s growing operating system is growing, becoming more and more widespread, and that this open-source operating system makes security threats even more on this OS every day. Security threats that we can categorize in the category of malicious apps to advanced phishing and identity theft.

But for the sake of the welfare of Android users to deal with these problems, many security companies around the world have published their own applications, some of them are free and a lot of themes paid. Of course, many free apps can have a number of to take care of the security of our phone, and not pay for exorbitant amounts for annual subscriptions.

But let’s just get a bit more information. Can my Android device itself be infected with the virus?

The short answer to this question is good because, as you know, Android applications work under a security scheme called “sandbox“, and this is a technique that is, in fact, a virtual wall between the apps you install and the software of the handset. Preventing infections, but only if an app can access resources or share information is giving a license declaring what the app can do, which files can be accessed and that Can access personal information.

In fact, the sandbox limits the activity of viruses and prevents them from accessing other parts of the phone or personal information (such as a container placed on them), and only if the user is allowed to remove the box and Allows the virus to operate, reproduce, expand, and even transfer from one phone to another. However, you must say that viruses are only part of a wide range of malware, trojans, spyware, exploits, and fake applications. apps) and … Other great threats to your information, your privacy, and your device.

So now the next question is that when android does not easily get the virus, why should antivirus install?

As we said above, the overall design of the Android operating system does not seem to be infected with viruses, but the inadequate information available to users to allow access to programs makes it now possible to detect antivirus and/or security software as a reason Another thing to note is that Android is a very attractive hacker for crooks around the world because of its popularity, which is why its security companies have been coin up. Of course, many companies also have the name of antivirus software. Do not put your products under the name of “mobile security” and The “anti-malware” (anti-malware) that may be due to a philosophy that is used by default Android is not infected with the virus.

But how far is Android vulnerable to malware and other threats?

According to the data released today, the sale of Android products is estimated at around $ 1 billion this year, and now there are about 1.100.000 apps available on PlayStation, which downloaded nearly 50 billion downloads in 2013, so it is reasonable. That’s to say that a large number of malware and security threats (Kaspersky Counts at around ten million by mid-2014) are designed to take care of Android users’ carelessness, so that’s where security software finds its meaning. they do.

But there are some parameters that can have a good security program and encourage us to download and use it, here are some of them:

  • Having an anti-malware engine to detect and clean up suspicious programs and scripts
  • Privacy advisor: Some security apps provide you with the ability to arrange and view all installed applications based on their security risk level.
  • Avoid using ussd codes, malicious links or QR codes that some sites attempt to access the device’s security weaknesses through them.
  • Additional tools: Some security apps provide additional features such as backup, SMS blocking or intruder calls, stolen phone tracking, remote data cleaning, and so on. There are possibilities that can be a positive point. To choose our security software, we will count.

But then come up with a number of good security software with Android.

Best Antivirus Android Apps 2018

Comodo Security :

comodo antivirus android

comodo antivirus android

The first antivirus that we are introducing on the list and 100% free is Komodo. The company, which is one of the flagship and oldest of the list, has provided its full-featured app for free. The official Komodo site places all your anti-virus features in an image below.


  • From the main menu and the Antivirus option, you can easily scan your system for viruses or malware.
  • Using the anti-theft option, you can enable security features on your phone so that you can use them if you lose or steal it.
  • By activating the privacy advisor, you can see the entire phone and software that has access and control and disconnect any access you want.
  • But in the tools section of this antivirus, you can use features such as SMS and call barcode, backup/restoration, battery saver and system optimizer and more. They are very efficient.

Comodo can be easily updated through its settings, and you can also uncheck the auto-update checkbox to prevent this from happening automatically. Comodo also comes with a roughly 120mb RAM system full scan when it monitors and does not work with the 5MB system, and if you want its icons available through the Notifications window, it will occupy about 70 MB of RAM.

360 Security:

360 security antivirus boost download

360 security antivirus boost download

But the next antivirus is 360security. The first thing that catches your eye on this antivirus is its ultra-smooth, sleek interface. You can easily access the application through the notification bar and quickly access the application. But the features that this free app gives you can be read in the list below:


  • Boost feature, with which all additional programs on the phone or programs that occupy Rome are known and you can manage them speed up your phone.
  • Through the clean option, you can identify all junk files in the system and manage them to increase the phone’s unlocked phone memory.
  • But through the antivirus option, you can scan and clean the entire system for malicious programs and so on.
  • Other options that you can find in 360 Security include the option of filtering calls and SMS (which currently does not work for Android 4.4), and the other is the data monitor option, as well as the firewall option, which, of course, requires root access. You can also control your apps with the app manager option.

But another option that has 360 security and it can be interesting finds my phone that by entering it and importing your Gmail easily from here on anytime and place you can easily find your phone by visiting Lock it or remotely, or erase the information that it performs well and accurately during the test.

CM Security:

cm security for android

cm security for Android

CM Security – Clean Master is a full-blown option made by Cheetah Mobile. This software is almost free, giving you full features of a complete anti-virus. Of course, if you are not interested in advertising, you can remove ads by paying $ 0.99.

This software has tried to provide all the features you need in a suite. Antivirus, Web surfing, battery saver, privacy protection programs, and clean up of occupied space, software encryption, and some other similar functionality.

This application monitors your mobile phone and protects your mobile phone from time to time with your help.

This software also has some bugs, perhaps the same is a comprehensive issue for some people, but in general, one of the best software for you when your mobile phone is infected with the virus.

Avast Antivirus & Security:

Avast Antivirus & Security

Avast Antivirus & Security

Avast is one of the best security and antivirus software that, despite the fight against viruses and malicious files, like most software in this field, is also a few applications. If you want to make an application in this field that can guarantee all your security and, besides it, to increase the RAM and clean up additional files, be sure to put Avast on your list.

Of course, it should be noted that some of these features should be installed separately on the software.

The firewall option is also a feature of this software, but to use it, your mobile should be routed. Advertising is not so annoying. Some ads, such as adding additional features, can be easily deactivated. But if you want to use all the features without ads, you should make sure that you have a paid version.

Purchasing this software is easy with the play store. After completing the full version, features like Call Blocker and Security Advisor will also be activated for you. Of course, the software comes with tasks on its own and in the main task, your mobile security guard, without purchasing.

Dr.web security :

dr.web antivirus app download

dr.web antivirus app download

This antivirus is another great option for our list so you can definitely know and understand the capabilities of Dr. Web in the following way:

  • Scan phone for malicious files (fast scan, full scan, special folder scan)
  • Ability to block annoying messages and calls.
  • Anti-theft functionality for occasions when the phone is lost or stolen.
  • Web browsing is completely secure with a checkbox called cloud checker.
  • Possibility to place a firewall to control the entire traffic of applications and.

Sophos free antivirus :

sophos free antivirus and security

sophos free antivirus and security

But the other completely different antiviruses on our list are Sophos. This open-minded app offers you the ultimate, minimal, and fun-to-use interface. But technically, this security software has 7 separate partitions, below which we have a quick look at:

  1. Scanner: Here you can protect your device from viruses so that you control the cloud scan through the settings, scan or not scan the SD card, and scan the scheduled time … of the options in this section. .
  2. loss and theft: Through this section, you can set options for when the device is lost or stolen, such as remote device lock, remote data removal, the location of the phone and ringing And … to name a few.
  3. You can block intruder calls and messages through the spam protection option.
  4. The web filtering option is for controlling websites that you visit every day.

It’s also worth mentioning that the RAM consumption of the app is 50 MB in normal mode and in the mode of scan and pressure is about 120 MB, which is a bit heavier than the previous ones.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

One of the best in this field is Malwarebytes. It also focuses on your work, which protects your mobile phone, as well as the user interface is very light and simple.

This means that it is relatively lightweight compared to other family-friendly software, and provides you with a good and good protection for free. Hickey’s good features of this software are to scan all the apps on your mobile phone. By scanning them, the scanned list provides you with the simplicity and convenience of your software.

This software does not have additional features like mobile tracking, and maybe it does not even need them, but you should be careful that your core services will be completely free of charge to protect your mobile device against malware.

AVG Antivirus Security:

AVG Antivirus Security

AVG Antivirus Security

Apart from its name, AVG Antivirus Security is a versatile and powerful software. The software also features antivirus and anti-malware features, such as locking the program, Anti-theft, and backing up applications. All of these features come in a simple, attractive interface. Battery saving and battery management options are also included.

Like any other family software, this software has some additional features that are added separately on the software. One of these features is the ability to clean up extra space. Just download and install AVG Cleaner, which is completely free. Of course, this software also requires the Pro version to put all the features and remove ads, but if you do not make the Pro version, there is no problem and you can easily use the free features of this software.

Lookout Antivirus App:

Lookout Antivirus App

Lookout Antivirus App

Lookout is one of the most dedicated apps on mobile. To use this software, an account is sufficient for you to use your email.

This version is available for free as well as in cash. At the moment, the monthly fee is $ 2, but if you use the free version, your software and location security features are active. If you need to use the ability to browse securely on the Internet, and some other features such as anti-theft, it’s better to use the full version.

This software will protect you well against hacking, robots, annoying ads and other security issues, and will make your imagination easier.

McAfee Mobile Security:

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee, an old-fashioned name that is also featured on desktop versions of most people, has gone beyond the reach of cell phones. This software also has a free and paid version. The price is slightly more expensive than the other competitors and $ 29.99 a year, but you can capture other features and enjoy the free version.

This software allows you to protect against new threats, has the ability to check the information of the installed programs, and also offers special options for locking the software. Other features, such as backing up your device, the “Find Device” mode, and other special options that are special for the money version and you need to pay for your subscription to use.

Norton Security Antivirus:

Norton Security Antivirus

Norton Security Antivirus

Another popular platform for desktop is Norton, which is also well suited for mobile phones. This software seamlessly encrypts viruses and trojans on your phone at the same time.

One of Norton’s highly customizable features is to integrate with Google Play, in this case, it will alert you to any program before you install the software to be aware of its malware. These warnings may be related to battery usage or newer notifications that announce the entry of malware.

Norton has a 30-day trial free trial. Of course, at the very beginning of the work, you have all these features for 30 days, but you have to use it for all its features every year. Pay $ 99. Compared to McCaffy, it is much more expensive, but in contrast to the possibilities and advice and support, it is somewhat understandable!

Kaspersky Internet Security:


Kaspersky software is a familiar name and antivirus package that is also installed on the desktop. With its Android app, you can bring many desktop features to your mobile phone. By installing a Kaspersky Lab on your mobile phone, you receive antivirus, message and call control, program lock, anti-phishing, and anti-theft. Of course, we advise you to use this software when needed! Because you’re facing a 30-day limit, you’ll need to pay $ 14.95 a year if you want to be constantly on your mobile phone.

Of course, with this software, you can browse safely on the Internet and even use several privacy options, but to get the full package you need to get the full version. But if you want to activate it for 30 days, just do it using your email.


It was all about, 15 Best Antivirus Android Apps and Anti-malware Android Apps? I hope you have learned this article, I hope you will ask your questions, give us your suggestions, opinion about what articles we have to write. If you faced any problem tell us below by comment, Feel free to tell us. we’re waiting for your suggestion.

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