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How to Create Long Shadow Effect in Photoshop?

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Many People asked in internet, social media that how do I add shadow to text, how do you add a drop shadow in Photoshop. While you can use Photoshop actions for long shadow effects. But today’s in this tutorial, I’m going to show step by step, how to create long shadow effect in Photoshop. For adding long shadow text effect we have different ways and method. Just I’ll show you one very simple and easy way, tips. I hope you’ll enjoy this tutorial.

Final Image Preview

How to Create Long Shadow Effect in Photoshop?

How to Create Long Shadow Effect in Photoshop?

Download the Fonts from the Resource:
Bebas font…

Create Long Shadow Effect in Photoshop

Part of the recent “flat design” trend, long shadow effects are a popular but not necessarily new phenomenon. The trend’s strongest impact seems to be on interface design elements and icons but it is being increasingly used as part of web designs, as well. In this tutorial, we will show you 4 ways that you can create long shadow effects in Photoshop using several different tools. Let’s get started!

Step 1

First. Create a new page with your own size, then make a new layer and fill it with red color or any color you would like.

A long shadow effects photoshop Tutorial

A long shadow effects photoshop Tutorial

Step 2

And. add your context, pick the type tool and type something you would like, copy it once and change its color to black, and transfer it to the bottom like shown below.

Color picker (text color)

Color picker (text color)

Step 3

And also. Right click on the bottom layer of text, rasterize layer and press CTRL+T to active free transform, then change the angle of the text 45 degrees or -45. This depends on you.

Rasterize layer -

Rasterize layer –

Step 4

And. After selecting an angle for the text, then hold ALT and press the arrow key (up or down) this depends on you. But In this case, press the down arrow key until you don’t cease.

Long shadow photoshop tutorial

Long shadow photoshop tutorial

When you stop duplicating, then again press CTRL+T to active the free transform, from there change the angle to -45 degree, then modify it properly according to text.

Step 5

Finally. Click on the long shadow layer, to make it visible and add layer mask. And pick the gradient tool and draw like this, or use the smooth brush. Also, reduce the opacity. Beside these you can apply Gaussian blur filter to make it smooth.

How to Create Long Shadow Effect in Photoshop?

How to Create Long Shadow Effect in Photoshop?

Watch out the Video!


That’s it – you’re done! Tell us what you think about this tutorial “How to Create Long Shadow Effect in Photoshop” for any questions, suggestions, fell free to ask me in the comment below, we’ll answer your questions quickly, Thanks for following my tutorial.

After Effects Tutorial: Creating Long Shadow

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