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How to Disable Office 2016 Splash Screen?

Posted in Article, Office, Word1 year ago • Written by Nyaz3 Comments

In this easy article we are going to show you, how to disable office 2016 splash screen. Office 2016 when you program such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint to open first see a Splash Screen or welcome screen. Splash Screen ranged between Office applications and load the user clicks on the program is displayed. The Splash Screen is displayed while all fonts and Microsoft Office plug-ins loaded. If you have time during the day most of you use Office programs may not want to see this page several times. now its time to disable splash screen or turn of splash screen in office 2016. be with us.

Note: remember this option is only available in Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and other Office 2016 programs such as Outlook and OneNote this option does not exist.

Disable Office 2016 Splash Screen

We are going to teach how to disable Splash Screen in Office 2016. Microsoft Office 2016 is considered an option for the job. To Disable splash screen office 2016.

1. First one of the Office 2013 applications such as Word open. Then click on the File menu. And then select the Options in the left panel. (see screenshot below)

Disable Office 2016 Splash Screen

Disable Office 2016 Splash Screen

1.  After opening the General tab of the Options dialog box from the left panel to go. Then under Start up Options uncheck Show the Start screen when this application starts checkbox and click on OK.

Disable Office 2016 Splash Screen

Disable Office 2016 Splash Screen

Note: Disable Splash Screen does not affect the performance of Office programs will only cause you not to see this page. To increase the speed you can run Office progra-ms installed fonts on your system down. Because every time the Office programs run all fonts must be Load.

Conclusion: Professional users would recommend not disable Splash Screen, Because good data from the Office Startup program puts at our disposal.

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  1. Thomas June 25, 2017 at 4:20 pm - Reply

    Did you even try this? It has nothing to do with a splashscreen, ya idiot

    • Nyaz June 30, 2017 at 10:00 pm - Reply

      If you’re sick of staring at that Microsoft Word or Excel splash screen every time you start up the program, this little trick will keep it from popping up before the main window.

      We all have seen the splash screen that appears whenever we launch a Microsoft Office program. Be it Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other Office program, a splash screen appears on the screen before actually starting the program. It looks pretty on the first run but the same screen starts frustrating when you launch Office programs again and again.

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