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How to call from Internet to any number for free?

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In most cases it happened to me, I don’t have balance in my mobile but I have the internet but the person whom I want to call he doesn’t have the internet. For this cases, I used to take help from, but unfortunately, it has some Limitations like one call, 5 minutes to free call without registering, Limitations to third World Countries like Afghanistan. After one time calling, I was sucked How should I call for free? After many investigations, finally, I found the answer How to call freely from the  internet to any number for free and without Limitations like I said. So the app which I am using with Credit card is called Whatscall. For now take a look at features of Whatscall.

Features of Whatscall

Enjoy Calls that are Truly FREE:

Now it is time for you to say goodbye to the balance of the SIM card. Say goodbye to them by using WhatsCall. Call home and abroad with no extra charges. There are more than 1,000,000 people using it! Every user can get 2,000+ free call credits each day, that’s 30+ mins free time of calling home.

Caller ID and Call Block

Call Security Scan!Identify unknown calls and block fraud/harassment calls.Instantly identifies caller info and effectively block out harassing calls. In collaboration with CM Security (world’s #1 security app) to ensure that all your calls are safe.

Unlimited FREE Calls

Whatscall has plenty of different offers on WhatsCall, just complete these simple offers and earn call credits to call on-WhatsCall users for FREE! You can receive up to 30 mins calling time each day easily by clicking ads, watching videos and inviting friends.

WhatsCall to WhatsCall is Credit-Free

When it comes online calling its free. We have many Applications like Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Line, Tango and so much more. That’s why calling from Whatscall to Whatscall is free because that time it is an online feature.

High-Quality Voice Calls

In conjunction with the world’s leading companies, powered by advanced voice coding and decoding technology, WhatsCall takes pride in the innovation and optimization of IP-PSTN call quality, allowing our users to make high-quality phone and video calls at low rates.

Setting up Whatscale:

Step #1: Take your mobile in your hand and navigate to Google Play Store. In the Search engine of Play Store search for Whatscall.  When it appears, download and install that on your Phone. For Better Understanding take a look at the screenshot and its Icon.

Free calling internet-mobile

Install Whatscall

Step #2. After downloading and installing Whatscall, launch it.

Step #3. After opening, Select your country, insert your Phone number, and it will send a confirmation code, you have to enter that their.

Free calling internet-mobile

Insert Phone Number

Step #4. After confirming your number type A password for your number on Whatscall.

Free calling internet-mobile

Verify and Enter Your Password

Ste#5.  It is time for you to set up your Profile. Enter your Name and insert a Picture. When you are done click Get started.

Free calling internet-mobile

Set the Profile

How to call freely to any Number:

For calling freely to friends or Relatives, it has a rule and that is you must credit for whatscall. The question is how to earn credits for whatscall?

Note: Without Credit, it won’t work. This Credit is not the Credit Card.

IN order to earn Credit just apply this thing:

  1. Complete your Profile. It has 300 Credits.
  2. Invite your friends through any social Media. and each one of the has 1000 credit.
  3. Watch Video Ads. It has 30 Credit.
  4. Download the recommended Apps, it has 200 Credit.
  5. Complete Tasks, it has 5000 Credit.
  6. Tap and Install Apps, it has 4000 Credit.
  7. Playing games through Whatscall has also 1000 Credit.
Free calling internet-mobile

Get Credits


It was all about, How to call from the Internet to any number for free? I hope you have learned this article, I hope you will ask your questions, give us your suggestions, opinion about what articles we have to write. If you faced any problem tell us below by comment, Feel free to tell us. we’re waiting for your suggestion.

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