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Gifts For Teens 2017 – Birthday Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls and Boy

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In the world of modern technology, it is impossible not to think of owning a gadget or a technical equipment. We bring out to you some of the best gadgets that every teenager must have. Gifts For Teens 2017 – Birthday Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls and Boy

1. Mobile


Who doesn’t know about a mobile phone today and who would not want to own one? With the changing generations and advanced technologies, the phones have also become really smart eventually. It basically is very handy to do many tasks other than just calling and messaging. Set an alarm or a reminder, play games, listen to music, download different apps and even access the social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. Indulge yourself in good reading or watch a movie while traveling with this compact device.

2. Headphones/ Earphones


Another interesting device which can be very useful is giving you some alone and precious time of yours. Put on your headphones/ Earphones and connect it with your iPad, phone, laptop or tablet and enjoy your time to the fullest without bothering anyone else in your room or while traveling. There are many types of earphones available in the market these days and you can go for either wired or wireless one.

3. Smart Watch


Not only your phones are smart these days, but there are smart watches also available in the market. This is the best example of advanced technology in today’s era. You can also call it a “mini smartphone”. Different varieties of smart watches offer different features, other than time, like messaging, GPS navigation, calculator, and some high-end watches offer camera and calling options as well. Visit this page for more of such gadgets and what is happening in the technology world.

4. E- Book Reader


For all the readers out there, the e-book reader is one of the favorites. Carry hundreds of books altogether in just one gadget and set yourself free from the burden of carrying all those books on your shoulders. You can read the books both online and offline. You can also buy good books available online and store them in your e-book reader. This way you also contribute towards nature by saving paper.

5. Tablet

gifts for teens

Also referred to as “mini laptop”, a tablet is another smart device that catches the attention of every gadget lover. With a compact design and size, you can easily carry it along with you wherever you go. Available in many styles/ colors and designs, there is nothing that you cannot do on a tablet that a laptop would do they are mostly touch screen enabled and you can buy an additional key board if you want.

6. Laptop


A compact version of the desktop PC, everyone is very well familiar of a laptop. A very handy device, available in different styles, colors, brands, and features. Select one according to your need and become a technology master. Right from using officially to a casual use, laptops are one of the best technology inventions and is a must have for any tech-savvy. Today, most of the work is done through the laptops in almost every company and they have almost replaced the traditional desktop computers.

7. Ozobotozobot

Ozobots are one of the very exciting gadgets available today. These are mini toy robots which can be of great use to the teenagers. These are programmable and can be programmed in many ways. For the coders, they can prove to be very effective and help them learn coding techniques with live examples and not to mention, these mini robots can be great gaming companions for the gamers.

8. Bluetooth Speakers


As the name suggests, these speakers are wireless, and can be connected to your device via Bluetooth. These speakers come in various sizes and sound quality. Go for a compact sized speaker and enjoy with them anywhere. Connect them with your phone or laptop and have fun watching your favorite movie or listening to your beloved song with a great sound. Carry them along on a camping trip or play them at a house party, everyone is going to love them!

9. Portable External Hard Disk Drive


External portable devices can be very useful for those who love to collect data like movies, games, pictures, audio files, and videos. These HDDs are available in various storage sizes. Choose according to your need, store all your important data in that and carry it along anywhere you want with its compact size.

10. Data Card


Another important and very useful invention in the world of technology today is these data cards, which allow you to access the Internet on your phone or laptop anywhere you want. A data card looks mostly like a pen-drive and acts as a modem to provide internet connection on your device.


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