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How to Hide Folder using CMD in windows 10?

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In this article I am going to show you, how to hide folder using CMD or command prompt in windows 10 without using any software, there are many software solution out there for this purpose, but this article help you to hide your file and folder without using software, so we are using CMD or command prompt in this article. command prompt is more important thing that help you make work very will.

Hide Folder using CMD in windows 10

In this esteemed instructable i’ll be guiding you to hide a folder by using cmd.. Even the folder option method won’t be able to track the hidden folder.

1.  To open CMD or command prompt, open the RUN type CMD in dialog box and hit enter to launch CMD or command prompt, or to open command prompt type cmd in search area of windows and hite enter to launch command prompt. when you found CMD or command prompt, its shape is like that.

Hide Folder using CMD

Hide Folder using CMD

for example the secret folder is in the “F” drive, my folder name is “Picture” to hide this folder Input in front of C:\Users\usename “attrib F: -H -R -S -A” (without double quotation marks) in the Command Prompt window and click Enter.

Hidden file in Drive

Hidden file in Drive

In their drive to go that who we hid folder, you can that your folder is hide. As you can see at the top, their is available the folder at the below your is hided.

What is attrib

The attrib command is a Windows command prompt command. The main purpose of this command is to remove and set file attributes (hidden, read-only,  system and archive). The attributes provide security to software programs. It displays, sets or removes the read-only, hidden and archive file attributes assigned for a file or directory.

We will use the attrib command to hide or show files or folders in Windows.

ttrib Using the attrib command in Windows, we can change file attributes (i.e., read-only, system and hidden flag).
attrib +h [file/folder name]:  This will set hidden attributes to active. It will hide a file/folder.
attrib -h [file/folder name]:  This will remove hidden attributes from a file to make files/folders visible to everyone.

Unhide File and Folder Using CMD in Windows 10

1. To inhide folder and file open CMD or command prompt, Windows+R on keyboard, Type cmd in the text box adjacent to the Open and click on OK. Cmd means Command Prompt. In this case I want to unhide thos folder that we hided.

Unhide File and Folder Using CMD

Unhide File and Folder Using CMD

Type in CMD ot command prompt “Attrib F:Picture -H -R -S -A” in front of C:\Users\name, it means first type attrib next F then type your folder after that type -h -r -s -a finally hit enter.

Unhide File and Folder Using CMD

Unhide File and Folder Using CMD

Well now go to open those that you we unhide, your folder is in first situation it means your folder is unhided, and also nothing is lost as you can see at below.

I hop you are get it something from this article, this article for this that sometime we need to hide our personality files so, we should hide our folder because we do not want to see others people. If you doing for this work, affect to any problem you can give me your question on command.


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