How to Configure DNSSEC in Windows Server 2012 R2

What is DNSSEC?
The original purpose of DNSSEC was to protect Network clients from counterfeit DNS data by verifying digital signatures embedded in the data. If the digital signatures in the data match those that are stored in the master DNS servers, then the data is allowed to continue to the client computer making the request.

To Configure Follow this steps:
1.Open Server manager, at the tap of server manager click the tools menu then click DNS.
2.When you open DNS Server, Write Click your Zone Name. click the DNSSEC Then Click Sign the DNS.

3.From DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC), Click Next.
4.From Signing Option page, One of the Options. i am select Use Default setting to sign the zone then click next.

5.From DNS security Extensions (DNSSEC), click the Next button.
6.From the signing the zone page, click the finish button.
7.after Finish DNSSEC, Click the Refresh button.See figure.


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