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How to Install macOS High Sierra on VMware on Windows?

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This article Covers How to Install macOS High Sierra on VMware on Windows within 4 steps of Installing the VMware WorkstationPro, Installing VMware, Installing Unblocker, Creating a New Virtual Machine, Adding the VMDK file to VM, Applying the code and finally installing MacOS High Sierra 10.13 on VMware. But before Installing MacOS High Sierra 10.13 You have to download the required files.

Required Files:

  1. VMware Workstation Pro.
  2. Unblocker
  3. MacOS High Sierra VMDK file.
  4. Code for VMware.

Smc.version = 0
Smc.version = “0”

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Install macOS High Sierra on VMware

Step 1. Install VMware Workstation Pro

Step 1. Double click on the setup to open the installation Wizard.

Step 2. On the welcome screen click Next.

Step 3. Select I accept the license agreement and click Next.

Step 4. On the custom page click next.

Step 5. On the user experience settings page click next.

Step 6. On the shortcut page click next.

Step 7. On the ready to VMware Workstation Pro page, click Install and wait to install until it installs.

Step 8. After installing Open the keygen and license the VMware.

Note: For better understanding watch out the Video at the end of this article.

Step 2. Install Unblocker

In order to install Unblocker, Find the Win-Install file, then right-click on it and select run as administrator, and wait until it installs.

How to Install macOS High Sierra on VMware on Windows

Install UnBlocker

Step 3. Create a New Virtual Machine

Step 1. Open VMware Workstation.

Step 2. On the Home, page select Create a new Virtual Machine.

Step 3. On the Welcome page select typically and click next.

Step 4. On the Quest installation page select, I will install the Operating System later and click Next.

Step 5. Select Apple Mac OS X with the version of MacOS 10.12 and click next.

Step 6. Give a name for the virtual machine and save it in a specific place and click Next.

Step 7. Specify the disk capacity and click next.

Step 8. On the page ready to create Virtual Machine, customize its ram to 4 GB and when you are done click ok.

Step 4. Add the VMDK file to the Virtual Machine

Step 1. After creating a new VM, select Edit the Virtual Machine Settings.

Step 2. Select Hard Disk, then select Remove.


Step 3. After that select add to Add a new Hard Disk.


Step 4. On the hardware type window, select Hard Disk and click Next.

Step 5. Select SATA on the Disk Type page and click Next.

Step 6. On the select, a disk page, select Use an existing Virtual Hard Disk and click Next.

Step 7. Select Browse and add the VMDK file of MacOS High Sierra.

Step 8. When you are done click finish.

Step 9. Click ok on the Virtual Machine settings.

Step 10. Go to File menu, then select exit to Exit the VMware workstation.

Step 5. Apply the Code for VMware Workstation

Step 1. Open the folder where you have saved the MacOS High Sierra.

Step 2. Find out this file which you can see on the screenshot then Right-click on it and select Open with Notepad.

Open with Notepad

Step 3. Copy any of this code which works on your system, for my computer the first one works perfectly.

  • Smc.version = 0
  • Smc.version = “0”

Step 4. Paste it at the end of that file which you have open. Then save it and exit the notepad.

Paste the code

Step 6. Install MacOS High Sierra 10.13

Step 1. Open the VMware Workstation and Power on the VM.

Step 2. Select your country and click next.

Step 3. Select your keyboard layout and click Next.

Step 4. Select don’t Transfer Information to this Mac and click continue.

Step 5. Click agree to agree to the terms and conditions and click continue.

Step 6. Create a computer account and click continue.

Create a computer account

Step 7. On the Express Setup, page click continues. After that wait until the screen should appear.

install mac os high sierra vmware

install mac os high sierra vmware


It was all about, How to Install macOS High Sierra 10.13 on VMware on Windows? I hope you have learned this article, I hope you will ask your questions, give us your suggestions, opinion about what articles we have to write. If you faced any problem tell us below by comment, Feel free to tell us. we’re waiting for your suggestion.

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