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Introducing 10 ways to Protect Computer from internet threats

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Is steadily worsening security situation in cyberspace, protect computer from internet threats. If a time hackers for fame and gesturing, and they even went to the famous sites were hacked for a few moments, today we face a different situation. The purpose of today’s hackers can only be summed up in one thing: money. And that is why they are very quiet and expertise to advance their work. It should be noted that the cybercriminals, they earn good profit out of this mess. According to the report, in a period of ten years, the malware industry has been growing at an annual 10 to 13 billion dollars. protect your computer from internet threats….

Google Research also claims that one in every 10 Web sites, one of them is infected with malware, drive by. In June 2009 Windows Secrets e newsletter reported that even seemingly healthy and pollution-free websites, such as Coldwell, and also has an action that Internet Explorer users when they visit , Gumblar exploit are attacked. No doubt should not be afraid of the virus, the Internet has taken off. The correct way to interact with digital insidious is the right and sensible. The following is a list of the top ten entrepreneur activity that security threats – to some extent – into the abyss, he delivers.

10 ways to protect computer from internet threats

Below you will find the best tips that you can employ to protect yourself against these emerging sophisticated, multifaceted threats. Well so you should carefully see and Read, It can help you.

Install a powerful antivirus

Install a powerful antivirus

Install a powerful antivirus

Many users believe that free antivirus software, provide an acceptable level of safety and good protection against malware, viruses and online to create entirely. Of course, this idea is completely misplaced and wrong. This type of free antivirus programs, usually do against Internet threats – that increases every day and even hour to hour we face – they basically do much been built for this task. Be sure to install anti-virus users are recommended to commercial (paid) on them. Semi-free version should also have daily updates to be efficient in the face of huge volumes cyber threats

Install real-time anti-spam program

Some users insist on this wrong by installing antivirus anti-spam features embedded in it, can be a good way to block spam and email advertising. Others believe that a free anti-spam, anti-virus plus one, is light upon light! That this is only wishful thinking. Unfortunately, many free anti-spam, and do not provide any real-time protection against email advertising a real obstacle, Trojans and spam are not considered harassment. Now all this aside, some free anti-spam, system contamination when the news that the user’s computer is infected with malware and really pulled the labyrinth of the road system; and that means a panacea after death. In the case of software, the same money, the case is quite different.

Keep update your anti-virus

Keep your Update anti-virus

Keep your Update anti-virus

Anti-virus and anti-spam work out the correct requirements can be regularly updated database ID and placed at the disposal of the program, noted. Without these items, protect your computer will be strongly distorted. Security firm AVG statistics published in early 2009 stated that computer threats, of growing, of course, is secret, said that according to accomplished estimates, between 100 thousand to 300 thousand websites daily exposed to destruction and attacked there.

This is an important recommendation that anti-virus and anti-spam and duplicate should “occur” or as foreigners kept updte. Users need to consider important factors such as antivirus license expires so as to prevent the breakdown of antivirus, malware opens up the opportunity to show off. Experts believe that the speed of propagation of Internet threats today to the “alarming” ripe and hackers thankful social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Myspace!

Scan your system every day.

ravenously on patrol in it, and ways to steal user information, and finally just think that regardless of the type of anti-retroviral your pocket on your system you have installed, level of security of your data daily scans computers highly Takes. In this process should scan your entire system disk. This can sometimes threats that antivirus away from the remains, identify and take necessary action against them.

Disable autorun in Local Group Policy Editor

Safe from the autorun! Does any one know this – that may be too popular – is hospitalized for viruses? When a drive (like USB) connected to the system and the autorun welcomes the start of defiance, some malware is automatically executed. simply! The result is that by connecting any network drives, external hard drives, USB and so on, a series of viruses are released automatically. so, Protect Computer from internet threats 

To disable AutoPlay or AutoRun completely, you can either use the Local Group Policy Editor, if your version of Windows ships with that, or the Registry Editor. We’ll explain both step by step.

1.  Once on the desktop screen, press Windows + R keys simultaneously to initiate the Run command box.
2.  First, you’ll have to navigate to the settings to disable this feature. Type in gpedit.msc in Metro Search and press Enter to launch the Local Group Policy Editor.
” Under “Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components”, click “AutoPlay Policies”.
disable autorun

disable autorun

In the right-hand side details pane, double click “Turn off AutoPlay” to open the Properties box. Click “Enabled,” and then select “All drives” in the “Turn off AutoPlay” on box to disable AutoPlay on all drives or choose choose “CD-ROM and removable media drives” to disable AutoPlay on these medias. Click apply and restart your computer.

Inactivation Image Previews in Outlook

protect computer from internet threats

protect computer from internet threats

Using software Outlook simply receive your letters, but it may also get infected with a graphic e-mail in which a malicious graphics code is used. You’ve opened the way for the virus, the result will be easily infected your system. To prevent the entry of these viruses automatically, you must disable or turn of the Image Preview in Outlook. By default, the latest version of Outlook This section is disabled, but if you’re old user’s Outlook or Outlook is active in the security sector have the option to manually disable. To access this section in Outlook 2015 from the Tools menu select Trust Center and then click Automatic Download option and the Do not Download Pictures Automatically In HTML E Mail Messages Or RSS to check.

On links or attachments in e-mail, do not click

Windows users have heard of this word over and over: on links or attachments in e-mail, do not click, but the number of users who ignore this warning are not low. Should know that behind every link, the URL may be malicious lies and lead you to that site, clicking indeed and viral system and then also certainly risks. To avoid this risk, it is better to read any message without anti-virus and anti-malware is not reviewed, and if not open the show site link where you do not click on them, but also manually address Insert your web browser to make sure the link in the Backstage will lead you to other malicious sites.

Excursions Smart

be suspicious if you see any error, put the user in the process. Other important aspects of Internet surfing, according to the pages that are opened without prompting you know they are called Pop up further. Please note in the pages that are not open to question your account information including your email id and password do not enter.

Use of the hardware firewall

Use of the hardware firewall

Use of the hardware firewall

software and hardware firewalls to prefer. But be sure to have a firewall confidence, because as shields the computer and prevent a wide range of abuses and deal with the arrival of destructive factors, unnecessary traffic, viruses, worms and harmful factors keeps us keep safe.

protect computer from internet threats

protect computer from internet threats

Unfortunately, relying on its own software firewall such as Windows Firewall Internet world is not enough to deal with robotic attacks. For this reason, all users connected to the Internet must be protected from the shelter of a hardware firewall core. so, Protect Computer from internet threats.

Open DNS protection

Internet access, introducing a vast world with various risks. Neglect little panicky when users browse the site’s computers and others will be spread various diseases. Another concern Free Software tools and malware distribution sites are, they are his victims from among those who are looking for a free tool to find them. Risks of DNS should also add to their concerns. Because of the compromised DNS, you unwittingly infected will lead to unauthorized websites. For example, an Internet service provider’s DNS can be one of the risks assumed, DNS on their Internet service is required to URL that you have asked to translate and apply to IP, such as 69,147,114,224 transparency. An Internet service provider can simply request you to take control and lead you to the wrong destination. Professional users for reassurance from the fact that their application does not lead to malicious sites and infected with spyware, OpenDNS have chosen for themselves. so, Protect Computer from internet threats.



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