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The Best Essential Applications For Mac

Posted in Mac1 year ago • Written by Qurban AliNo Comments

mac apps essential:

Today i want to show you the best and  popular applications for you. That everyday we have connection with them. This applications is essential for mac user. Those who are mac user, this applications make easy your work . Now you can see this important applications in this article. Here i will put with download links to download for yourself.



One of the easiest ways to make the GIF in mac. This application help you to take GIF picture at a moment. Other abilities which this application has. resize picture, share in social network, edit and other ability.


This application let you to download video, sound and subtitle with best quality. This application can download video from youtube. You can save the format as MP3, M4A, MKV, MP4, FLV and 3GP. Downloading videos with HD 720P, HD 1080P and 4K.  Adding subtitle is the other ability of this application.

3: WMail

There is different Clients for management Gmail. But one of the best application for this reason is WMail. Using this apps you can manage your gmail from desktop. This application has different ability. You can add extra gmail in this program, manage alls in one time. The environment of inbox is nice graphic, usefull design.


This is an opened program. We can write our reminder to save. Then be able to read back. This program try to cross the limit of thought. Make the content clear to useful and readable.  There is one option to make synonym the note(Simplenote).


If you are in love of writing. Want to write long essay or article. This is nice and better then other applications. Environment of this program is different from WORD OFFICE.


Free application. You can edit different code and programming languages in simple environment But powerful. This program is popular in  group of programming. This app published by microsoft company. this app let you don install Theme and Extension.


This application is a powerful calculator. Which we can solve Advanced mathematical calculation. It will show the way how to solve question. despite this app is a powerful editor app.


This app is for minimizing pages. We are able to minimize the page in fixed size. You can move one side to another side. Mostly it is useful when we want to use two page or three page in one time. On that time we need to resize them in fix size in screen.



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