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How to Make a Photography Logo in Illustrator?

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In the Previous tutorial, I have shown that how to create own photography logo design in Photoshop. But now in this tutorial, I’ll show you that How to make a Photography logo in Illustrator CC. I’ll quickly design a photography logo of Photo studio, with the use of some tools. Like: Type tool, Star tool, Ellipse tool inside Illustrator. I hope you’ll enjoy this tutorial!

Final Image Preview

How to Make a Photography Logo in Illustrator

How to Make a Photography Logo in Illustrator

How to Design a Photography Logo in Illustrator?

Bebas Neue font:

Watch out the Video:

You can use this photography logo on any of your photos projects. Designed photography logo. Since a logo is a visual entity signifying an organization, logo design is an important area of graphic design. A logo is a central.


That’s it – you’re done! Tell us what you think about this tutorial “How to make a photography logo in Illustrator” for any questions and suggestions, fell free to ask me in the comment below, and we will answer your questions quickly, Thanks for following my tutorial.

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