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How to Place an Image inside Text in Adobe Photoshop?

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How to put an image inside of text in Photoshop, how to placing an image in the text (text effect) using Photoshop, or placing an image inside of another in Photoshop. In this simple and easy Photoshop tutorial, I will show you, How to Place an image inside text in adobe Photoshop? A very simple tutorial showing how you can put an image inside text using the clipping mask trick and make it look attractive. This is a simple and easy tutorial, that we‘ll put an image inside text using adobe Photoshop.

Preview of Final Results

How to Place an Image inside Text in Adobe Photoshop?

How to Place an Image inside Text in Adobe Photoshop?

I will show how to make text stand out, and then we will make background look nice and add color effect. For background I will also show how you can use image as background and make look better.

Place an Image inside Text in Adobe Photoshop

In below steps you ‘ll make text effect (place an image inside text). Read this steps and process, then you will able to put any Image, photo, picture inside text in Photoshop.

  1. Before in beginner create a new page, with any size open a new document like this.
  2. Press T on your keyboard, add text like this, and then go add layer style (drop shadow). Like shown below, and also you can add stroke as well for looking good. Photo into text.
  3. Now click on text layer, duplicate this text, and then right click on this duplicated layer, and click on rasterize, click on brush and add splash brushes like shown below.
  4. In this process create a new layer, then add new fill, or adjustment layer, open it then click on gradient adjustment, make like this background in text below, or add different gradient.
  5. So now add adjustment layer (levels) on top of all layer, click on adjustment layer > Levels, for apply levels you should select colors from RGB list, then draw the graph.
  6. Well, now again click on adjustment layer panel, then click on curves adjustment like this. Apply the setting of curves adjustment layer like show below.
  7. This is our final results, now this enough and we ‘r end of this article, in first image as you can see this is our final result, but for more interesting the project, then we will add photo on background.

How to Placing an Image inside Text in Adobe Photoshop?

That’s it for this photo effect tutorial and it is fully focused on beginner so keep that in mind.


I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, leaned something useful from this post, how to put image inside text using Photoshop, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me in comment below, don’t forget to leave your suggestions, feedback in comment section, thanks for following my tutorial.

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