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How to Use Android Phone Without Google Account?

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Here’s how we can work with an Android smartphone without using Google services. How to Use Android Phone Without Google Account?

Run Android Phone Without Google Account

Run Android Phone Without Google Account

Working with the Android operating system without using Google might look a bit strange, but in some Asian countries, Google and the services provided by this company are blocked. In some cases, you may need to use Android simulators, like smartphones, in which case Google apps are not available by default. Most users can use the Android operating system almost completely without using the Google ecosystem.

Amazon can be a replacement for the Play Store.

Amazon App Store

If we do not use the millions of apps released in the Play Store, modern smartphones will not work much. But if this store does not exist, how can you access the market for the most recently released apps for Android? The Amazon app store is one of the best options for the App Store. Although not as big as the Play Store, but you can be sure that almost all popular apps on the Play Store are also included in the Amazon store listing, and the number of episodes released in the store is increasing day by day. The advantage of using the Amazon app store is that you can sync your inbound payments with other devices so you can access all of these payments on all of these devices.

To do this, you need to download the Amazon store app in the following steps. By using the same method, you can also install other app stores on your Android device, in which case you can install the apps directly on your Android phone or tablet.

If you’re looking to install free apps or not want to pay in-app payments, you can download the app directly by searching the following statement in the search engine.

[app name] APK download -mod –hack

In the above statement, the existence of two mod- and hack-words will cause the suspicious web sites that manipulate the application files to be removed in the search results provided to you.

The search will direct you directly to the APK file of the application you are looking for. By installing an APK file on your Android device, you have away the Play Store. Of course, to use in-app payments in this mode, you still need a Google Play account. This is a way for countries where Google has blocked the blockbuster, a convenient way to access apps. Of course, when downloading applications from unknown websites, you should always keep in mind that there is a possibility of malware in these types of files and that the risk of doing this is your own responsibility.

To install an APK file, you must enable the “Install from anonymous sources” option on your device. To do this, go to the following path in your Android device’s settings menu:

Settings> Security (Unknown only)> Unknown Sources.

By activating the above option, you can then install any APK file on your device. Keep in mind that apps installed using this method will be unobtrusive of cloud sync, and thus deleting these types of apps will lose all the data stored in them.

Access Gmail

If Gmail is not working or is not available, you will need to use alternative methods to access your email. In this case, you will need to access your Gmail account via POP / IMAP, and fortunately, because of the high popularity of Gmail’s Gmail service, most email management applications and applications provide the user with the default settings. In these apps, the settings for email configuration will automatically be done by entering Gmail user credentials

Our personal recommendation is to use the Microsoft AutoLock service because it can manage your contacts and your calendar as well.

Manage contacts

If you plan to use the Android OS for the first time and you have not already managed your audience, there’s no problem using Android’s default contact management system because it’s doing well. However, if you migrated to another device from other Android devices, you can use the following method to transfer contacts:

You can enter your preferred target audience in popular formats like Google’s VCF. In this format, a lot of information from each contact will be stored in a separate compressed file. Another common format for storing and transferring audiences can be CSV, which is similar to the VCF, but more common among users. On most phones, the VCF format is preferred in the CSV format, but the process of importing or exporting the audience in both of these formats is almost the same.

To export an audience from Google and import it into your smartphone, first log into the Google Contacts service and then select the Export option in the left menu. If this option does not appear in the default mode, check under the More section. By referring to this section, you will be reminded that you need an older version of your publishers to perform an export operation, which if you do not already have this version, Google will do it for you. You can also access the old version of your audience by clicking this link directly. After visiting the old audience list in Google Talk, click the more button and then click the Export button. Next, select the format you want to extract the output file. If you’ve done the right things right here, a copy of your contact list will automatically be downloaded to your device.

Email the backup file from your contact list and then save the attached file to your phone or tablet. Now on your Android device, go here:

Contacts> Manage Contacts (more under the button)

Click Import / Export, and then tap the Import button. Next, tap on the Internal Storage, and then the app will automatically scan the audience in the internal memory of the phone or tablet and select the VCF files automatically. After this action, the intended recipients from whom you backed up will be added to the phone audience list.

Note that syncing is not active in this way, and so, to get the output file from the contact list, you must follow the steps listed in the steps above to add the list of contacts in your Android phone or tablet to your Google Connect client.

Alternatives for managing audiences on Android devices

Once you’ve synced your audience with your device, we recommend using an app like Facebook messenger for Android, because it automatically syncs and manages your audience so you can access them on all your devices. To use this feature, you just have to install the app and then everything will be done completely automatically.


If you use the Google Talk service to keep and manage your notes, in the absence of this service you can use other popular alternative examples, such as Microsoft Ornament or Ornate. The two services provide users with great features and capabilities for taking notes. One of the most important features of these two applications is the ability to sync notes and use it on all platforms.


You can access the Google Calendar service and appointment information online at any time. Microsoft AvtoLock, like most large mobile servers, is provided by default with its own calendar. If you are looking for a permanent substitute for Google Calendar, our offer is for you to have a Sunrise calendar.

use android phone

use android phone

With the above solutions, you’ll be able to work with your Android smartphone without having to use Google services, without installing one of the company’s mobile apps.

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